Saturday, June 20, 2009

Healthcare Woes: Two Wrongs Don't Make Right

If I wanted to view something utterly absurd, I would've patroned the movie "Land of the Lost." Instead, I got the same fill of lunacy from the following paragraph from a story ran by Forbes 'Obama's Doctor Knocks ObamaCare':

What should the president be focused on? Scheiner thinks that a good health reform would be "Medicare for all," a single-payer system where the government would cover everyone and pay for it by cutting out waste in the system. "A neurosurgeon gets paid $20,000 for cutting into the neck of my patient. Have him get paid $1 million a year instead of $2 million or $3 million. He won't starve," Scheiner says.
Let me get this straight, the advised 'solution' to overpriced healthcare is Medicare for all?! Leaving the 'cutting of waste' in the hands of beaurocrats is a recipe for disaster. If you want a quick example of the quality and inefficiency of Government-run services, take a look at the DMV and the Post Office.

Government intervention in health care can only have 3 possible outcomes: 1) Higher Cost 2) Lower Quality 3) Higher Cost & Lower Quality.

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